So for those of you who might not know, which I assume is actually most of you, I played volleyball in college on Boston College Women’s Varsity Volleyball Team. Playing a sport in college was always this passionate dream of mine growing up. But let us rewind a bit on this timeline.

If you would have asked me what sport I was going to play in college from the ages 4-12 I would have said soccer. Soccer was a huge part of my life and I was on a very competitive team that traveled around the world to compete. But like so many young athletes do, I got burnt out. I didn’t want to play anymore and I actually hated soccer with my whole heart. Like legit cry cause I was so miserable. So I held a “family meeting” (lol at 12 years old) and told my parents I was quitting.


Well, I tried basketball, track, and volleyball all for a few years. Being from Southern California, I was always told you had to give up all excess options and to pick the one sport you were best at by the time you were in high school in order to be appropriately committed to reach the next level (college).  I mean we could play all sports all year round so if you didn’t commit, someone else had an additional 6 months of training each year to be better than you.

So I chose volleyball, despite the fact that I’m vertically challenged.

High school and club volleyball gave me life long friends, ones that were even in my wedding. By the time my junior year was well on its way I verbally committed to BC and knew where I would be going to college.  Not going to lie this was a huge stress relief and I didn’t realize it back then when everyone was so nervous senior year about where they would be going.


Okay, so did you guys know Boston is like really far from Southern CA? Because I knew it was a plane ride away to the east coast, but back in high school I didn’t realize I was basically going to Maine. I was more on the impression Boston was along the coast by Maryland or Baltimore.  Clearly didn’t pay attention in the U.S. Geography lecture…

So now I’m in Boston playing volleyball and lifting weights for at least 4 hours every day 6 days a week. Yup, 6 days a week. It is basically a part time job while traveling to away games and going to school. It was a lot. This is when my training was mostly HIIT workouts, sprint and agility training, and weightlifting. I actually loved lifting and shout out to Nick our weight trainer who was amazing. I gained weight during college like every other person, both in muscle and fat! And that’s okay! I was at my heaviest 16 pounds more than I am now; I had a BOOTY! The booty and legs served their purpose to keep me low and fast for volleyball matches, but here I am now!


I graduated several years ago; it will be 5 years here soon (holy moly!). For the longest time I was still training like I was back in school, doing sprints, and lifting the same weight. But that wasn’t bringing me joy and I didn’t find it fun anymore. So over the past 2 years I’ve been doing more running, barre, pilates, yoga, and now dance cardio, which I LOVE!

FINDING WHAT YOU LOVE.. the biggest key. Cause if you love it, you’ll keep at it. Don’t force yourself to do anything you’re going to be like why the F did I do this to myself, even after the workout.  Certain times you need to force yourself to get into it and then after the workout you feel those endorphins and you’re like yup, I’m a rockstar! But just because Becky does Soul Cycle and then lifts weights for an hour doesn’t mean you need to. You see Mark over there running 10 miles 5x a week? Good for him! But that doesn’t mean you need to do it too. Just do what makes you feel good to move and stay healthy and go with that! Maybe it’s a run, maybe it’s a private dance party in your room, or even walking your dog. Doesn’t matter what you do as long as you’re moving and you feel good about it! The purpose of my blog and Instagram isn’t to show you what you should be doing; it’s just a space where I like to show what I am currently enjoying in case someone needs some motivation to move or to try something new. I’m always down to try a new workout or to answer any questions! Feel free to drop me a message and say hi anytime! And if you made it this far, bless your heart for reading this word vomit. I’m no fancy writer and sure as heck don’t like to proof read so you get what you get y’all. Thanks for following along!




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